From print to wall

In the dining room of the former seaside villa of the Le Gall family, you will be able to admire two engravings in lino lost by the artist Guy Cosnard. The latter was the first president of the Friends of the Cannery Association from 2017 to 2019.

Retired from the hospital environment since 2014, he has been devoting his time to the plastic arts and engraving following a diploma obtained from the evening classes of the Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles in the early 2010s.

The artist's studio is based in Loctudy. He has installed a press there in order to make prints of his engravings. His favourite technique is linocut engraving, and more particularly the technique known as "lost lino" which consists of printing an engraving in several colours by keeping the same plate, hollowed out a little more after each successive printing.

Guy Cosnard's artistic universe is inhabited by ports, people and animals of the seaside. His works are the graphic translation of his emotions, and above all of his passion for the coastline and his adopted town: Loctudy. The two engravings that he offered to the association of the friends of the cannery and which are now exhibited in the museum represent the maritime and industrial universe of Loctudy of which the cannery is the main symbol.

The artist reproduces his works in small series of about ten prints. In 2015, he won the public prize at the Manoir de Kérazan, and in 2017, the jury prize at the Cap Caval exhibition in Penmarc'h.

To discover the other engravings of the artist, go to his website in click here.

Breton fishing - lost lino engraving - Guy Cosnard
Sardines - lost lino engraving - Guy Cosnard
Sardines - lost lino engraving - Guy Cosnard