Engraving on cans

During the summer months of July and August, we will have the pleasure of welcoming the artist Eddy Dumont to the museum. Originally from Normandy, this photography and intaglio print enthusiast moved to Loctudy three years ago with the intention of opening his own intaglio printmaking workshop. He discovered rotogravure in 2014 with Phillipe Martin, who was teaching printing techniques at the Rouen School of Fine Arts. The artist was very quickly seduced by the complexity of this ancient photographic reproduction technique, which allows him to apprehend his shots differently, both in terms of nuances and textures. His search for new exploitable materials led him to try intaglio engraving. Simple, fast and accessible to all, it is this technique that the artist proposes to make discover to the families, this summer, in the enclosure of the Museum of the Cannery around a workshop of initiation to the engraving on lid of sardine cans.

To discover Eddy's work, go to his account Facebook @EddyDumontHélioFecltrois or on its account Instagram @atelier.obraz

Introduction to sardine can engraving workshop by Eddy Dumont
Target group: families (mixed adults & children from 6 years old)
Duration: 2 hours
Number of places limited to 8 participants
Price: 3€/child and 13€/adult