Heritage enhancement is at the heart of our training and is our professional vocation. We joined the municipal team in February 2021 during the last operational phase of the work on the cannery and the mansion in order to bring the museum project to life. We were thus able to actively participate in the operational implementation of the Museum alongside the historical actors of the project, whether they were municipal elected officials or volunteers from the Association of Friends of the Cannery.

The Museum team
Johan Verdier - Director of the Museum

Originally from the south of France, where he studied art history at the University of Pau, Johan holds a master's degree in Heritage and Museum Development from the University of Western Brittany. Specialised in the management of architectural and artistic heritage, he notably piloted the renovation project of the Musée rural du Trégor in 2018, before making a small excursion through the retail sector between 2019 and 2020. After two years of managerial experience at the head of a retail chain, the Le Gall cannery museum project gave him the opportunity to return to his favourite professional sector, culture. He is now working to promote the Musée de la Conserverie to cultural and tourist actors.

Originally from Quimper, Kathleen holds a bachelor's degree in history and political science from the University of Paris-Panthéon-Sorbonne and a master's degree in heritage and museum development from the University of Nantes. Specialised in cultural mediation, she notably participated in the temporary exhibition on Salvador Dali at the Rosière d'Artois in Nantes in winter 2018. A Breton woman deeply attached to her territory and passionate about maritime heritage, she returned home in 2019 to follow a final university course in Coastal Tourism at the Pierre-Jakez Hélias centre in Quimper. It was on this occasion that she discovered the museum project at the Le Gall cannery, which was a real "coup de coeur" for her. She particularly appreciates contact with the public and the transmission of knowledge, and is committed to sharing the memory of the sardine boats with visitors.

Kathleen Bouquet - Mediation and Communication Officer

Originally from Fouesnant, Adèle has a degree in history from the University of Southern Brittany in Lorient.
As part of her Masters in Living History - Public History at the University of Nîmes, she is doing a 6-month placement at the Musée de la Conserverie Alexis Le Gall. The aim of the course is to train students in the field of historical heritage, so that they can promote and disseminate it to the general public. During her placement, she learnt about the role of cultural mediator and events and communications manager. This enabled her to put into practice the knowledge she had acquired during her years of study, while at the same time working on cultural projects for the museum and Loctudy town hall. Prior to this first museum experience, she worked for the community of communes in Quimper.

Originally from Carcassonne, Margaux is a first-year student on the Expographie-Muséographie Masters course at the University of Arras. As part of her work placement at the Musée de la Conserverie, where she is in charge of the collections, she is responsible for overseeing the removal and organisation of the storerooms. She was also involved in drafting the Cultural Heritage Safeguarding Plan (PSBC), a crucial document in the event of fire or flood, enabling the fire brigade to intervene quickly and effectively to protect the collections. At the same time, she is contributing to the FEMS (Fédération des écomusées et des Musées de Société) project to create an online collections portal, to make the collections accessible to everyone. For her, this internship represents an opportunity to put into practice the principles of preventive conservation, an area that is close to her heart, with a view to preserving local heritage for future generations.