Paintwork that looks good

In the hall of the former seaside villa of the Le Gall family, a work by the artist Nicole Girard. Born in Paris to a Bigoudène mother and a military father, she spent her childhood between Algeria and Nîmes where she took painting classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts from the age of 9 to 16. This early training and the family environment in which she grew up predestined her for a life as an artist. She has an imperious and irrepressible need to express herself through drawing and painting.

Her main source of inspiration is the Woman, in all her facets: young mothers, workers, bathers, dancers... etc. She works on these muses from studies, sketches, observation of models in everyday life in her native Brittany, where she returned after her marriage to a man from Lescollines, but also during trips such as to Morocco.

Her favourite material is acrylic, a material that offers a certain flexibility of movement. This flexibility can be seen in the setting of each scene, which she wants to be timeless, where the gesture aims to retranscribe a feeling, a state of mind. Here the painting represents the workers of fish canning factories in the Bigouden region. In this work we can feel the artist's admiration for these robust Bigouden women, who endure with pride all the hardships of their profession.

To find out more about the artist's work, visit his website.

Bigouden sardines - acrylic by Nicole Girard
Bigouden sardines - acrylic by Nicole Girard