For people withdisabilities


Free of charge for people with disabilities (upon presentation of proof)

Free for their companions


Guided tours are for groups of at least 12 people (20 people maximum). They can only be booked in advance by telephone on or by e-mail at

A booking form is sent to each group leader. The visit slot is only considered officially booked when the form is returned to the museum staff duly completed and signed.


The museum does not have a car park. Parking spaces for people with disabilities are provided at the bottom and top of the rue du port, which is perpendicular to the impasse du nord at the end of which the museum is located. To facilitate access to the museum, people accompanying visitors with disabilities can make a drop-off at the end of the impasse du nord, in order to let the disabled person off, before reversing to park in the dedicated spaces on rue du port.

Entrance door to the Loctudy cannery museum
Display at the entrance of the museum

The front door

The door to the reception area of the shop is quite heavy and does not open automatically. It has to be pushed firmly in order to enter the reception area. A sign on the door window makes this clear.

The reception desk

The central counter at the museum reception desk is wheelchair friendly. Prices, free admission and services are indicated there. For the hearing impaired, the audio-guide is equipped with a magnetic loop. The reception desk also has a turning area for wheelchairs.

The central reception desk of the museum
Audio guide with magnetic loop
Space between rows of furniture in the shop
Turning area for chairs at the end of the shop

Ground level spaces

The canning museum is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The shop reception area and all the rooms that can be visited are at ground level. The museum courtyard between the family home and the factory has a slight incline and a wheelchair ramp has been installed.

Cannery's PRM access ramp
Cannery's PRM access ramp

Chairs and benches

There is a chair in every room of the house of the former owners of the factory. Chairs and benches have also been placed in the various corners of the factory. A folding chair can also be provided at the museum entrance on request.


The museum's multimedia content is not currently equipped with audio description. French subtitles slide under the images on the screens in the dining room and the hall of the museum's seaside villa. The subtitles on the factory's videos are in English for the time being.

Subtitling of the screens in the museum's dining room
Subtitling of the screen in the museum's villa hall
English subtitles in the old stable
English subtitles in the factory's sauce workshop

Sanitary facilities

Our establishment is equipped with a sanitary facility adapted for people with reduced mobility. A standard grab bar is installed near the toilets and the room has a sufficient turning area for manoeuvring in wheelchairs.

P.M.R. toilets and rotation area
P.M.R. toilet and support bar

The patio for rest

The patio can also be made available to groups of nursing home residents to enjoy a quiet time before or after their visit to the museum.