The entrance to the Musée de la Conserverie is located at bottom of the northern dead end. This dead end is located :

  • at the beginning of the Port Street from the roundabout at the end of the D2 road.
  • in front of the Café du Porthimself facing the Ode's star cabint.

There is no entrance to the museum on the rue de la Grandière sidein front of the factory's most famous façade.



It should be noted that :

  • Parking within the North Dead End is reserved exclusively for residents' cars.
  • The Musée de la Conserverie does not have its own car park.
  • There are several parking options in the vicinity of the museum, depending on whether you are travelling by car or by bus.

For individual vehicles

We recommend that you park in the following parking spaces (in decreasing order of proximity to the museum):

  • along the Rue du Port
  • along Rue des Perdrix (along the fish market)
  • in the car park opposite the Comptoir de la Mer shop
  • in the car park of the Noël and Estelle Arhan square (at the top of the rue du port)
  • in the car park near the town hall square (Place des Anciens Combattants)
  • in the car park at the entrance to the port area (rue Rémy Le Lay)

For coach and camper groups


For large vehicles, parking is subject to the following conditions:

  • Motorhomes can park in the car park opposite the Comptoirs de la Mer shop.
  • Coaches carrying groups of visitors can make a drop-off along the Café du Port or along the old harbour slipway in the extension of the Vedettes de l'Odet cabin. Coaches are not allowed to park at these locations. Drivers will then have to park along the rue Rémy Le Lay. A turnaround area is provided at the end of this street, before arriving at the marina.