Recruitment of trainees 2023

🙋♀️ ~ Join our team for the 2023 tourism season ~ 🙋♂️

In this month of October, the beginning of the university year 🏫📚 is already far away and students have started their active search 👨💻👩💻 for an internship 👩🎓🧑🎓 At the Musée de la conserverie 🏛🏭 in Loctudy we are looking for an intern to join our team for the 2023 tourist season ⛱😎

In parallel to his or her help on the daily management of the establishment in high season (welcoming visitors in the shop 🏪 guided tour 🗣️ and animation of workshops🎨), the trainee will be entrusted with missions on the inventory 📝 the recolement 🧹🪶 and the enrichment of knowledge 📚🤓 around the collections of the museum 🏭 Enthusiasts.e.s of archival documents 📜 and industrial heritage 🚂 from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century will undoubtedly find their happiness in this mission 😁

To apply, go to the platform 👨💻👩💻 Culture Profile

Photos 📷 our super trainee 2022 Hugo Michel 🤩🥰