Our collections

In the 1980s, the buildings built by Alexis Le Gall - topping, sanitary facilities - were destroyed in favour of a housing development. Two houses were built to close the access of the cannery to the strike. On the east side, the fourth bay of the factory, which housed the steam dryer, was destroyed to serve as a passageway for these two residences. The other spaces were preserved, with machines and objects remaining in place. The dispersion of the collections and the total destruction of the Le Gall cannery were avoided thanks to the purchase of the site by Jean-Philippe Chapalain, husband of Alexis Le Gall's granddaughter.

In the 2000s, Jean-Philippe Chapalain initiated a procedure to have the cannery recognised as a national heritage site by the French Ministry of Culture.

In 2016, the buildings and collections of the Musée de la Conserverie were registered as Historic Monuments.

ACAL volunteers, under the supervision of the AMARE firm, worked to restore a large part of the collections from 2016. The largest pieces were restored through sponsorship by local companies, such as SNM, a company based in Quimperlé, and SERTICO, a company based in Ergué-Gabéric.

In the dining room of the seaside villa, contemporary works of art take place.

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